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Versatility, customization and durability make CAMLogic level indicators reliable measuring instruments. Search for the nearest authorized reseller, to find together the models and spare parts that best suit your needs.

ATEX Certifications
FCM Certification
IECEx Certification
EAC Certification
UKCA Certification

CAMLogic level sensors are customizable, available in several versions and therefore suitable for operating in the most adverse contexts, such as in the presence of high temperatures, explosive atmospheres, corrosive materials or food. We specialize in rotary level sensors, suitables for silos containing granular solid materials and tanks for liquids. CAMLogic level switches have obtained ATEX, IECEx, FCM, UKCA and EAC certifications.


Rotary level sensors

The rotary level sensors exploit the rotation of a paddle which, once in contact with solid materials, is blocked, signaling the achievement of the desired level inside the silos. They are easy to install and require little maintenance. A wide range of paddles, customized lengths and optional accessories allow an optimal configuration for the density of any solid product from powders to granules. CAMLogic offers three models of rotary level sensors built in sturdy die-cast aluminum and resistant to harsh conditions and continuous rhythms: The PFG05, PFG57 and PFG09 in standard versions, for food products and for flammable or explosive environments.

Floating level sensors

Float level sensors are electromechanical instruments which detect the liquid level through a float and a microswitch on the signaling circuit (without the need for power supply). CAMLogic offers two float models: the PFGLP and the CLR20. They are suitable for food and corrosive liquids. The CLR also has a permanent magnet and frictionless reed contacts, making it robust, reliable and easy to install.

Capacitive level sensors

Capacitive level sensors are instruments that detect the level of solid material through a proximity probe (at a variable distance based on the sensitivity set). CAMLogic's PFG06 is a capacitive level indicator based on the principle of detecting the electrical capacity of a capacitor. The capacitive level switch functions without moving mechanical parts. It is suitable for solid materials including food products. Moreover, it is easy to install in a vertical, horizontal or oblique position.

Conductive level sensors

Conductive level sensors are instruments that detect the level of a conductive liquid thanks to the presence of two or three rods. When a liquid touches the rods, small currents pass from one reference electrode to the other and closing a signal circuit. CAMLogic CLC40 is a level indicator capable of detecting two independent level thresholds. This easy-to-install model also has the option of inserting an intervention delay to avoid false alarms.

Pendulum level sensors

Pendulum level indicators do not require power supply. They are activated by the thrust of the material. The material moves the pendulum from the vertical rest position by triggering a microswitch. The ILP3 model is the pendulum level switch that suitable for measuring those materials inside silos and load cells, form a cone (such as granules and powders).

Pressure level sensors

Membrane level sensors are instruments that detect the level of solid material thanks to a membrane and a microswitch. CAMLogic MN03 and MN21 are non-powered membrane level indicators with a robust and reliable aluminum case. They can be easily installed in the desired position and guarantee an increased level of protection in the presence of potentially explosive dusts.

RPM Monitors

CAMLogic RPM monitor is used to control the speed of any rotating shaft. When the speed drops below the set threshold, a signal circuit is closed. This allows to cut off power to the conveyor belt or power a warning siren. CAMLogic manufacture the SMD20 as a RPM monitor with mechanical coupling which can be mounted in any position. This model is also available in an inductive digital version without direct contact, with a sensor that detects the metal couplings of the actuator (SMD20P) and in a version for conveyor belt (SMD20VN).

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