CAMLogic, level indicator since 1964

For over 50 years we have been designing, customizing and developing instruments for process control in industrial plants.

CAMLogic sensors are customizable, available in several versions and therefore suitable for operating in the most adverse contexts, such as in the presence of high temperatures, explosive atmospheres, corrosive materials or food. We specialize in rotary level indicators, with ATEX, IECEx, FCM and EAC certifications.

Wide range for the control of stored materials

More than 7000 customers use CAMLogic level indicators

Versatility, customization and durability make CAMLogic sensors reliable measuring instruments. Search for the nearest authorized reseller, to find together the models and spare parts that best suit your needs.

ATEX Certifications
FCM Certification
IECEx Certification
EAC Certification

Level indicators for Solids

Our level indicators for solids are suitable for the detection of powders and granular materials, such as feed, flour, plastic and lime. The solids range offers many models certified for high temperature environments or for contact with corrosive materials.

Level indicators for Food Products

Certain CAMLogic sensors are suitable for use in the presence of both solid and liquid food materials. Theese FCM certified CAMLogic models do not contain any restricted substances, and the parts in contact with the product are in AISI 303/304 stainless steel.

Level sensors for Liquids

CAMLogic level sensors for liquids accurately measure the quantity present in tanks, hoppers and systems where the use of fluid material is planned. The line offers various level switches for controlling liquids, including conductives and corrosives.

Level indicators for High Temperatures

High temperature level indicators are suitable to operate in contexts where high temperatures are reached, within the process. Camlogic allows to customize the models of the range, starting from a measurement of max 200 °C - max 400 °C - max 600 °C.

Level indicators for Corrosives


Gli indicatori di livello per corrosivi presentano le parti interne al processo in acciaio inox, resistendo al contatto di materiali aggressivi o corrosivi. Questi sensori CAMLogic vengono installati soprattutto in impianti chimici, edili e cementieri.

RPM Monitors

CAMLogic RPM monitors allow to measure performances in transport and extraction systems, such as conveyor belts, elevators and mixers. They are placed on the lay shafts or conveyor belts and work by rolling.

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Customizations for the rotary range

In automation, attention to details is fundamental for production efficiency. CAMLogic adapts its rotary level indicators customizing paddles, connections to process, extensions and electrical options based on customer requirements.
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Electrical customizations: 3 connections for all applications

The customization options for the rotary range increase. It is now possible to modify the connection to the power supply with faston, screw or spring terminals.
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5 columns to know more about ATEX revamping

64% of the Italian plants are over 30 years old and only in 40% of cases have they been modernized. It's time to talk about revamping.
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