company history and characteristics Solutions, solutions for Agro Industrial Plants, is the heart of the Bonfanti Group, an Italian company that has specialized since 1979 in the manufacture of fixed tower type grain dryers with different production capacities. They can start from 5 t/hour up to an intensive operation at 120 t/hour. The company works with the most important agro-industrial leaders and with 40 years of experience on its shoulders has acquired a deep technical knowledge on processing all types of grain without mechanical adjustments.

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The Bonfanti group required for Solutions level sensors that were:

  • resistant to the high temperatures inside the silos, up to 200°C;
  • suitable for the climates of the different countries where they are installed, which often range from
  • shielded from humidity;
  • functional even after long periods of inactivity. - 45°C to 40°C;



After analyzing Bonfanti's different needs, CAMLogic recommended the PFG05ATFV, level sensor with rotary paddle made of aluminum and stainless steel for all in product-contact parts. It can be applied with flange. It is a variant for condensate drainage and temperatures up to 600°C. The selection of paddles allows the level sensor to detect materials with densities between 0.1 and 2.0 kg/dm3.

Rotaty paddle level switch - PFG05ATFV

CAMLogic customized its product line for solid materials with a double flange connection to prevent the entrance of humidity into the dryer. In addition, to provide reliable functioning even in extreme climatic situations, the PFG05ATFV model was chosen with customization for temperatures up to 200°C.


The thing that confirms the decades-long collaboration between Bonfanti and CAMLogic is the extreme adaptability of the control instruments to multiple locations and their relative temperatures. In fact, the level switch must be able to function in extreme climate conditions: ranging from the -35°C of Kazakhstan to the 40°C recorded by systems in Egypt. Solutions has created with the help of CAMLogic a software that makes the dryers smart and is able to automatically change and adapt to the plant's internal and external temperatures. CAMLogic level sensors, in fact, are installed at two specific points on the dryer. At the lowest point, allowing the operator to tell when material is still available, and at the highest point, to tell when the drying tower reaches maximum capacity. Solutions' system, therefore, can control temperatures without affecting the state of the material and turn off the feed to the dryer as a dangerous situation approaches.

CAMLogic service is also a guarantee because in case of malfunction it offers Solutions only the replacement parts and not the entire product, saving on shipping and installation costs.


"Customization of control indicators has been essential for our systems as well as their resistance to extreme temperatures. Some dryers don't run for the entire year and there should be no issues when they come back on after months."


CAMLogic products used in the project:

Rotative level sensor for high temperature - PFG05ATFV


Stainless steel level sensor with flange


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