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company history and characteristics

Scolari has been a prominent figure in the industry, specializing in the design and construction of drying, dehydration, roasting, and composting plants since 1950. The company's influence is evidenced by its expansive 6,000 square meters of technologically advanced workshop, complete with six overhead cranes. Scolari's production is centered around three specific sectors: agribusiness, agroindustrial, and agroenergy, further solidifying its significant presence in these domains.

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Scolari required specific features in their level sensors:

  • compact and interchangeable design for ease of use;
  • compatibility with both corrosive substances and materials suitable for food-grade applications;
  • rotary indicators equipped with vanes capable of detecting lightweight materials with densities up to 0.2 kg/dm3;
  • resilience to operational temperatures ranging from 35°C to 130°C.



The PFG57 series, identified by CAMLogic for Scolari's installations, comprises a compact rotary paddle level switch well-suited for installation in confined spaces, such as closely positioned silos within a battery. This comprehensive range offers various options tailored for high-temperature, corrosive (ATEX), and food-contact (MOCA) materials. Constructed from die-cast aluminum, these sensors feature either a threaded connection to the G 1" 1/2 (BSPP) process or a mounting flange. The range includes different helix variants to facilitate the detection of materials with densities spanning from 0.1 to 2.0 kg/dm3. Moreover, these instruments can be customized with extensions of specific lengths and various electrical accessories, enhancing their adaptability to specific operational requirements.

Rotary paddle level switch - PFG57

Scolari opted to exclusively rely on the PFG57 line of level sensors, choosing various versions and customizations to suit their specific needs. Specifically, Scolari procured the PFG57X variant, holding ATEX certification, making it appropriate for high-temperature environments up to 200°C and resistant to corrosive materials.

Rotary paddle level switch - PFG57X

Furthermore, Scolari customized the PFG57 model by integrating the AC9PLA2 paddle, designed to detect extremely light materials with densities up to 0.2 kg/dm3. Additionally, in some cases, a customized extension tube was requested for specific applications.

Polyamide paddle - AC9PLA2

Examples of customized PFG57 configurations requested by Scolari:

  • PFG57F2448/AC9PVC2/PCP57700
  • PFG57F2448/AC9PVC2



In Scolari's operations involving the drying, dehydration, roasting, and composting of solid materials, diverse and distinct process systems are required. These applications can vary significantly based on the targeted industries and the densities of the products being detected.

Utilizing CAMLogic's versatile PFG57 line of level switch, along with specific customizations, Scolari has effectively met the diverse range of requirements arising from these varying applications. The adaptability and customization options offered by the PFG57 indicators have enabled Scolari to address the specific and varying needs inherent in their operations across different industries and densities of materials being processed.


Paolo Cavalli, engineer for Scolari S.r.l., shared insights into their sensor requirements:

“We needed a sensor capable of detecting dried and extremely lightweight material, leading us to opt for the AC9 propeller. This plastic blade is deployed not only in hoppers containing moist material at room temperature but also in contact with more aggressive materials. For these situations, we utilize level sensors equipped with a propeller or with the entire body made of stainless steel for increased resilience. Moreover, some sensors serve as clogging indicators: a consistent vacuum reading indicates an unobstructed system, while any material detection signifies an undesired clog occurrence within the setup."

CAMLogic products used in the project:

Rotary paddle level switch - PFG57


Small-sized threaded level sensor with rotaty paddle

Rotary paddle level switch - PFG57X


Small-sized threaded stainless steel level sensor with rotaty paddle

2-blade NYLON propeller


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