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company history and characteristics

Lorandi Silos is a Brescia-based company founded in 1952 and run by the same family for three generations. In the early 1980s it took its first steps into the world of plastics, coming to develop high skills in the storage and transportation of material in the form of granules, ground flakes or powder. By now Lorandi silos and plants can be found all over the world, and the push for internationalization has created several international establishments including North America, Spain and India.

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Lorandi Silos needed level sensors:

  • with paddles capable of detecting different types of materials with different densities;
  • with power source that would make them adaptable to different types of systems;
  • with Atex certification for some specific applications.



To meet the requests of Lorandi Silos, CAMLogic proposed the PFG05 rotary paddle level sensor, which is widely used and appreciated for its reliability and versatility. The die-cast aluminum body makes it suitable even under heavy working conditions and continuous rhythms. It has a threaded connection to the G 2" ½ process or with a mounting flange. The wide choice of helixes allows the level switch to detect materials with densities between 0.1 and 2.0 kg/dm3. The instrument can also be customized with special lengths and electrical accessories.

Rotary paddle level sensor - PFG05

The PFG05, supplied to Lorandi Silos was requested with two electrical customizations, with V.24/48 ac or V.24 dc power sources, for application to different types of plants.

The electrical part of the entire range of PFG05 level probes can be supplied with different voltage ratings and numerous optionals:

  • Available voltage ratings: 115/230V or 24/48V – 50 … 60Hz (AC) and 24V (DC).
  • Standard version with faston connectors.
  • Paddle terminals or self-locking spring terminals are available on request.
  • Voltage monitoring: to remotely check that the sensor is energized correctly.
  • Double contact: additional potential-free contact for monitoring the automatic parts of the system.
  • Rotation control: enables sensor operation to be monitored remotely.
  • 4 RPM: increased rotation speed to reduce trip time.
  • Low temperatures: enable the instrument to function down to -27°C.
Circuit complete with gear motor for PFG05


For plastics and bioplastics processing, therefore, the creation of custom level switches has been indispensable. The ability to customize the same basic product allowed Lorandi Silos to reduce design and supply time by being able to rely on proven and efficient equipment. A solution that has strengthened the collaboration between Lorandi Silos and CAMLogic, two companies with the same goal: to achieve an efficient, effective, simple and durable result that meets the evolution of the market.


"In the plastics industry, the evolution of new products and applications is central to meeting market needs. Research and development of new types of plants and machines is a key point for Lorandi Silos, and this inevitably reflects on our suppliers. We have been collaborating with CAMLogic for years and have always found an answer to our needs."

Marco Leonardi, Sales Director, Lorandi Silos

CAMLogic products used in the project:


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