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CLC40 conductive level indicator for liquids

Conductive level switch designed to independently monitor two level thresholds for liquids. Also enables a signalling delay to be set. Current flow between two electrodes immersed in a conductive liquid switches a signal relay.



  • Easily installed Specific tools are not required.
  • Versatile: can be installed in the vertical, horizontal or oblique positions.
  • Sensitivity can be adapted to the conductance of the liquid


Certificato Alimentari

Safe for food contact

Certificato UKCA

S.I. 2016 No. 1101
S.I. 2016 No. 1091
S.I. 2016 No. 1107

Technical Specifications

  • Casing and cover in reinforced polyamide
  • 1” 1/2 Gas (BSPP) process connection and 1/2 Gas (BSPP) single cable entry
  • Ambient temperature -10° to +70°C (14° ... +158°F)
  • Process temperature -10° to +70°C (14° ... +158°F)
  • process pressure 15 bar (217.5 psi)
  • IP65 protection rating (dustproof, protection against water jets)
  • Power consumption max 1 W
  • Contact capacity 5A at 250V (AC)
  • Micro switch SPDT output signal

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Connection: G 1" 1/2 (BSPP)
Monitoring capacity on two levels.

Connection: G 3/8 (BSPP)
Entirely made of stainless steel. Monitors three independent levels in very tight spaces. Power supply not required. 

Connection: flange
Explosion-proof, with DN40 standard flange and all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel.

Connection: G 2" (BSPP)
Optional: flange
Withstands up to 100 degrees. The parts of the sensor in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

Spare parts

Threaded sleeves

Stainless steel sleeve with G 2" 1/2 internal thread.

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G 2" 1/2 external thread
G 1" 1/2 internal thread

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G 2" external thread
G 1" 1/2 internal thread

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