<p><p><strong>Connection:</strong> G 3/8 (BSPP)<br />Entirely made of stainless steel. Monitors three independent levels in very tight spaces. Power supply not required.&nbsp;</p></p>


material_prefix_label corrosivi material_prefix_label Alimentari material_prefix_label liquido

Product line: Floating
Materials: Corrosive - Food - Liquids

Level limit switch entirely made of stainless steel. Construction with friction-free reed contacts and permanent magnet makes it a robust and reliable instrument which can be installed in very small spaces. Can be fitted in both the vertical and lateral positions (curved version) and adapts to any type of liquid, even when foaming. Can monitor up to 3 level thresholds.



  • External power supply not required.
  • Version for use in contact with corrosive materials or food products.
  • Easy to install: specific tools or settings are not required.

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Connection: G 1" 1/2 (BSPP)
Monitoring capacity on two independent levels, with adjustable sensitivity (minimum 5μS/cm).

Connection: flange
Explosion-proof, with DN40 standard flange and all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel.

Connection: G 2" (BSPP)
Optional: flange
Withstands up to 100 degrees. The parts of the sensor in contact with the product are made of stainless steel.

Spare parts

Threaded sleeves

Stainless steel sleeve with G 3/8 internal thread.

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