PFGLP22 Float level switch for liquids

Float level switch. Takes advantage of the buoyancy principle. Movement of the float is transmitted to a magnet which switches a signal micro switch. The float and casing are separated by a hermetic stainless steel barrier. Does not require a power supply to operate.



  • Ideal for use in contact with corrosive materials or food products.
  • Easy to install: specific tools or settings are not required.
  • Enhanced protection level in the presence of explosive dusts/powders and gas.


Certificato ATEX

II 3 D Ex tc IIIB T135°C Dc

Certificato Alimentari

Safe for food contact

Certificato UKCA

UK Conformity.

Technical Specifications

  • Casing and cover in die-cast aluminium
  • AISI 303 / EN 1.4305 threaded process connection
  • Float and rod in AISI 316 / EN 1.4435
  • 2" Gas (BSPP) process connection and single cable entry
  • Ambient temperature -10° to +100°C (14° ... +212°F)
  • Process temperature -10° to +100°C (14° ... +212°F)
  • Max process pressure 25 bar (362.6 psi)
  • IP65 protection rating (dustproof, protection against water jets)
  • Contact capacity 10A at 250V (AC)
  • Micro switch SPDT output signal

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Float level sensor made of sturdy die-cast aluminum and stainless steel. It can be applied with a mounting flange. No power supply required. The instrument can be customized with special lengths and accessories such as curved floats and rubber bellows.

Conductive level sensor with G 1" ½ process connection. It allows independent control of two liquid level thresholds. The instrument can be customized with special lengths and electrical accessories.

Float level sensor built with permanent magnet and frictionless reed contacts. It has a G ⅜ connection. It does not require power supply. Ideal for use in contact with corrosive or food materials. The instrument can be customized with special lengths and accessories.

Spare parts


45 degree curved float for PFGLP level indicator.

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Protective neoprene bellows.
For temperatures from -10 ° to + 100 ° C.

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Threaded sleeves

Stainless steel sleeve with G 2" internal thread.

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