Case Study: Silos Revolution

Between reliability and innovation: Silos Revolution addresses CAMLogic level sensors


Silos Revolution and its shared values with CAMLogic

Silos Revolution was born at the end of 2019. It specializes in designing, developing, and customizing storage, transport, and dosing systems for raw materials for the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company was founded by Fabio Rusticali and Giuseppe Malorzo. The two partners have worked as collaborators within the sector for years by acquiring important and formative experience in the field.

Their keyword is: REVOLUTION. They go around this mentality from the initial approach with a new customer to the relationship with their suppliers. This innovative company therefore decides to rely on CAMLogic level sensors. CAMLogic has an important past behind it, guaranteeing quality and reliability since 1964, while continuing to renew itself. The strong collaboration between CAMLogic and Silos Revolution was born in the light of sharing the same values: reliability, safety, standardization (in terms of certifications) and innovation.

How Silos Revolution works and its relationship with foreign countries

Silos Revolution takes care of the complete product cycle, up to the final commissioning of the plant. The design of the systems is done in light of the end users' requests through the search for the best equipment for the customer's supply and particular attention to custom parts. Once the plants have been built, they are shipped and assembled by them, providing a final product that is started up and equipped with all the necessary declarations of conformity. The certification issue for Silos Revolution is fundamental while working abroad. The need has always been to provide correct and complete documentation to the customer. Therefore, relying on CAMLogic level sensors allows you to be safe and covered in all respects concerning the required standards and compiled regulations.

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Why did the Silos Revolution choose CAMLogic level sensors?

The two partners have known CAMLogic level indicators for many years. They know that they are reliable level sensors with all the necessary certifications. They have decided to rely on CAMLogic because their goal is the maximum functionality of the products. Another essential reason for Silos Revolution to choose CAMLogic is working with many foreign countries. When the level sensors applied the first time, not having interruptions and being durable is crucial.

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How are CAMLogic level indicators used?

Silos Revolution uses CAMLogic rotary level indicators according to three different applications.

1. Indication of the maximum and minimum level in the silos; particularly in fabric silos, with customized applications using special fittings.

2. Indication of the level in the passage hoppers (which act as a buffer or lung) for feeding presses or packaging machines.

3. Safety sensors, where you want to have the guarantee that the system works correctly (for example, that a scroll or a star valve turns) because CAMLogic level sensors are simple to use from an electrical point of view as well. They send the signals when there is an indication of a possible blockage.

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