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CAMImpianti was founded in 1992 by qualified professionals with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing industrial powders handling equipment. It operates in different fields and sectors: from the food industry, to the chemical and plastic industry, to the construction industry. It also deals with implants for ecology and environment.

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CAMImpianti was looking for level sensor to be installed on equipment that were:

  • capable of detecting light and volatile materials with densities of 0.1 kg/dm3 (e.g., kaolin);
  • reliable and ATEX certified;



The Camlogic team studied for CAMImpianti some specific customizations of their level sensors, adjusting them to the use and characteristics of the equipment designed.

They chose to start by offering two models of rotary level sensors, both ATEX certified:

PFG05F already supplied with a flange for adaptable and fast installation to the process.

Rotaty paddle level switch - PFG05F

PFG05XF also provided with a flange, but with all parts in contact with the product made of stainless steel. It is therefore suitable for contact with corrosive materials.

Rotaty paddle level switch  - PFG05XF

The decision to rely on these rotary models is due not only to their durability and reliability, but also to the fact that, in environments with the presence of very fine and volatile dust, measurement with contact instruments that do not require calibration is significantly less complex. For both level gauges, there are requests for customizations such as the type and length of the extension, which are determined not only by the size of the silo, but also by the installation location of the instruments.

The paddle used, which are all exchangeable with each other on the different rotary models, were als chosen to ensure the greatest reliability of detection of the material handled. In the specific case of the plant that involved the handling of kaolin, the paddle chosen was the AC11INOX4, which in addition to being made of stainless steel, thanks to its greater friction surface, allows a higher sensitivity of intervention to the presence of the material. In fact, this propeller is suitable for all types of materials, even very lighter ones, up to a destiny of 0.1 kg/dm3.

stainless steel paddle - AC11INOX4


One of the specific cases where it was necessary to study an ad-hoc measuring instrument was for the design of a plant involving the movement of kaolin. Kaolin, better known as "white clay," is used in the construction industry for the production of paints, varnishes and bricks. Instead, in the paper industry it is used to make paper brighter and more uniform and to increase printing performance. During the production process kaolin becomes extremely dusty and light, and these characteristics in fact make it difficult to detect. CAMImpianti in cooperation with CAMLogic then studied a suitable and customized solution, successfully obtaining a product that met all the customer's requirements.


"We have been working with CAMLogic for at least twenty-five years, and there have been several models that have been implemented in our projects. Over the years we have been able to appreciate the reliability, competitive price and effortless use and installation of Camlogic level switches. Also an important advantage for us is the possibility to customize the sensors according to the needs and characteristics of the material we handle in a specific establishment. Why change something when it works? Going to a production site that is already up and running and making changes while it is working is a difficult and an expensive operation."


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CAMLogic products used in the project:

 Stainless steel 4 blade paddle


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