Nuova Idropress

company history and characteristics

For over 50 years, Nuova Idropress has specialized in crafting plants and machinery dedicated to producing, processing, and recycling expanded polystyrene (EPS) for construction purposes. Established in 1963, the company was among the pioneers in manufacturing EPS sheets and swiftly gained global recognition right from its inception.

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Presently, Nuova Idropress serves as a key supplier to some of the leading global entities within the building insulation sector. Collaborating with these international partners motivates the company to continually elevate performance benchmarks and maintain the long-term operational efficiency of their plants. Recognizing that re-entry and extensive machinery repairs would be financially burdensome and unsustainable, Nuova Idropress prioritizes the construction of durable and secure plants. They rely on CAMLogic's expertise, a partnership spanning over a decade, to ensure this durability and safety in their machinery.


New Idropress required a level sensor capable of accurately measuring and controlling polystyrene foam levels within silos and mills, emphasizing reliability and adaptability to diverse end applications. The ideal level sensor needed to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Tailored for extremely lightweight materials with densities as low as 0.02 kg/dm3 (e.g., EPS);
  • Capable of achieving increased rotational speed to enable more frequent measurements;
  • Simple and straightforward installation of the instrument for convenience.



In response to the company's diverse needs, CAMLogic suggested the PFG57 as the ideal level sensor. This rotary propeller model is constructed from die-cast aluminum and offers a threaded connection to the G 1" 1/2 (BSPP) process or a mounting flange. Its compact size allows versatility, making it suitable even for use on small containers. The selection of helixes incorporated into this indicator enables the detection of materials ranging in densities from 0.1 to 2.0 kg/dm3. Moreover, the instrument is customizable with special lengths and various electrical accessories to better suit specific requirements.

Rotary paddle level switch - PFG57

New Idropress acquired the level switch while requesting specific customizations. One of these adaptations included enhancing the rotational speed, which was elevated to 4 RPM. This modification facilitated swifter interventions compared to the standard processing and production rates for expanded polystyrene.

For enhanced measurement precision, a specialized AC13 propeller was developed, featuring an expanded friction surface. This design caters to extremely light and volatile products like expanded polystyrene, ensuring optimal functionality.

Polyamide paddle - AC13

Additionally, the inclusion of an M12 electrical connector on the instrument streamlines its installation and related wiring processes. This facilitates swift and straightforward installation for customers, enabling the quick addition of new instruments or the replacement of existing ones without hassle.

M12 electrical connector


Nuova Idropress has solidified its market leadership by consistently delivering top-tier solutions, a feat facilitated by its collaboration with CAMLogic. Through continuous knowledge exchange and years of experience, this partnership has led to the creation of a tailored solution for plant design specifically engineered to handle challenging-to-process materials like expanded polystyrene. The reliability, sturdiness, and user-friendly installation of the PFG57 have empowered Nuova Idropress to ensure customer satisfaction. This is highlighted by the capability to address highly specific requirements and construct secure plants, further affirming the company's commitment to excellence.


"The significance of CAMLogic as a longstanding partner for our company cannot be overstated," elucidates the purchasing manager. "Our utilization of CAMLogic level sensors spans numerous years, symbolizing safety and superior quality for us. They are completely reliable—without any history of issues. When you discover a solution of such caliber, there's no reason to consider a change. Operating extensively within the foreign market, we understand the criticality of relying on secure components. Any malfunction within the system could potentially disrupt the entire operation, resulting in substantial losses."

CAMLogic products used in the project:

Small-sized rotary level sensor - PFG57


Small-sized threaded level sensor with rotaty paddle

2-blade NYLON paddle


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