PFG06 Capacitive Level sensor

Capacitive sensor without moving parts based on the principle whereby the electrical capacitance of a capacitor is detected. The instrument is supplied with a standard setting enabling it to perceive material at a distance of about 10 mm from the probe. The sensitivity can be increased or decreased by means of the internal trimmer.



  • Easily installed Specific tools are not required for assembly.
  • Versatile: can be installed in the vertical, horizontal or oblique positions.
  • Can be customized with different process connections and extensions.



Certificato ATEX

II 1/2 D Ex ta/tb IIIC T90°C IP65 Da/Db

Certificato Alimentari

Safe for food contact

Certificato UKCA

UK Conformity.

Technical Specifications

  • Casing and cover in reinforced polyamide
  • 1” 1/2 Gas (BSPP) process connection and M20x1,5 single cable entry
  • Ambient temperature -20° to +70°C (-4° ... +158°F)
  • Process temperature -20° to +70°C (-4° ... +158°F)
  • process pressure 0.8 to 1.1 bar (11.6 to 15.9 psi)
  • IP65 protection rating (dustproof, protection against water jets)
  • Power consumption max 1 W
  • Contact capacity 5A at 250V (AC)
  • Micro switch SPDT output signal

Electrical Specifications

Capacitive indicator PFG06 is available for the following power supply ratings:

  • 115/230V – 50 … 60Hz (AC)
  • 24/48V – 50 … 60Hz (AC)
  • 24V (DC)

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Spare parts

LED signalling lamp
(only ATEX Zone 22 available)

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