Nuova CIBA

company history and characteristics

Nuova CIBA is a historic company in Reggio Emilia which is so important for the Automation of the tire industry that its main customers includes, for more than 30 years, not only the world's most important tire manufacturers but also technical articulators and third-party mixers. Founded in 1960, since its foundation the company has been specializing in the design and production of complete plants for storage, transport, weighting, and dosing of solids, powders, and liquids for tire mixing lines, mainly, but also for cables and a variety of other applications. Nuova CIBA in 2018 was then acquired by the German Zeppelin Group, but the relationship, now established over the years, continued unchanged even after the changeover.

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New CIBA needed Level sensors:

  • suitable for detecting both solids and liquids;
  • with extensions of different lengths and wide choice of paddle to detect materials of different densities;
  • with different installation spaces.



To solve New CIBA's needs, CAMLogic studied the industrial automation process that loads powders, oils, tires, and all other components into a closed mixer to create the blends. Three different types of sensors, for solids or liquids, specific to each process were then suggested.

The first step is the automated storage of powders (mainly carbon black and silica) from the tank truck into large silos. This is an operation that requires a strong level switch, such as the PFG05, a rotary paddle level sensor with a die-cast aluminum body.

 Rotary paddle level sensor - PFG05

The PFG57 level sensor is recommended for installation on weighing tanks and machinery within the pneumatic system due to its compact size, enabling effortless installation even in small spaces. It offers two installation options: one via flange, which allows for a larger installation hole and propeller mounting without necessitating access through the silo hatch, and the other via sleeve, ensuring increased durability against high stresses during material loading and unloading.

 Rotary paddle level sensor - PFG57

The PFGLP22 float level switch with a flanged connection is recommended for tanks holding aggressive and corrosive substances like oils or liquid rubber components. This sensor operates without needing a power supply and offers versatile wall installation options with various connections.

Floating Level switch - PFGLP22

Therefore, New Ciba opted to acquire the PFG05 level sensor, often customized with adjustable extensions of different lengths. Among the most frequently chosen options is the 1000mm extension with protection reaching up to 400mm. Additionally, adapting the propeller to suit individual plant requirements necessitated drilling the protruding shaft to a length of 600mm. In case, however there are possible space problems, Nuova Ciba preferred to purchase the PFG57 model.

Moreover, to address the requirement of detecting materials with varying densities, the rotary sensor were selected to be equipped with a single-bladed AC4PLA1 propeller made of nylon. This propeller is specifically suitable for medium to heavy materials with densities of up to 0.5 kg/dm3.

Polyamide paddle - AC4PLA1

Alternatively, when dealing with low-density materials like silica, the stainless steel AC7INOX1 propeller was selected. This propeller is suitable for the heaviest materials down to a minimum density of 0.3 kg/dm3.

Stainless steel paddle - AC7INOX1

Finally, for liquid detection, the PFGLP22 float level switch was chosen, as per the recommendation.


Ensuring continuous and dependable monitoring stands as a top priority for Nuova CIBA, a commitment that CAMLogic has upheld for decades through their expertise in level sensors. Furthermore, the company's adeptness at numerous customization options has consistently catered to meet Nuova CIBA's specific requirements.


"Our enduring partnership with CAMLogic spans generations within our company. Over the decades, we've entrusted CAMLogic's level sensors, not just due to their exceptional durability and reliability, but also because of CAMLogic's commitment to tailoring solutions to our diverse needs."

Simone Alessandri, Purchase Manager, Nuova Ciba

CAMLogic products used in the project:

Small-sized rotative level sensor - PFG57


Small-sized threaded level sensor with rotaty paddle

Floating level switch - PFGLP22


Stainless steel float sensor with flange

Single blade NYLON paddle

Stainless steel single blade paddle


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