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Electrical customizations: faston, screw and spring terminals for the rotary range


CAMLogic expands the customization options for the rotary level indicators PFG05 and PFG57 ranges. In a previous column we listed the possible customizations for the sensors, to which the possibility of changing the electric connection is now added. It is in fact possible to choose from three different options: faston terminals, screw terminal block and spring terminal blocks.

Faston terminals, the standard CAMLogic connection

The faston terminals are the standard connection proposed by CAMLogic. The name literally means “fast on”, indicating the ease of use and its quickness. They are male faston terminals (6,30x0,80 mm) particularly suitable for working conditions which present:

  • lcontinuous vibrations which might loosen the usual screws;
  • inconvenient placement of the indicator that makes it difficult operating on it.

Spring terminal blocks, the toolless alternative

The spring terminal blocks allow for the maximum simplification of the maintenance, substitution or connection process. It is sufficient, in fact, to exercise pressure on the levers of the terminal blocks to insert or remove the electric cable.

This type of terminal block is ideal for:

  • plants with level switches installed at considerable heights or in troublesome positions;
  • conditions in which the possibility of mistakes or loss of components is high.

Consider, for example, an indicator positioned 20 meters above ground. The operator, having little space available, might accidentally drop a screw while disconnecting, and finding it would prove impossible. With the spring terminals the problem is solved.

Screw terminals, the classic connection type

Finally, the screw terminal blocks. For this type of connection all you need is a simple screwdriver to disconnect the cables. Compared to faston or spring terminals, the screw type is the most well-known and widespread among the methods used. Very common and appreciated. It does not guarantee, however, the best stability in presence of vibrations.

The customization with faston, spring or screw terminals is one of the many possibilities offered by CAMLogic to guarantee the perfect efficiency in the automation. Every plant has specific demands for performance and CAMLogic satisfies them by customizing paddles, connections to process, extension and electrical options.

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