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Customized indicators: 4 electrical options for the PFG05 range


The range of PFG05 rotary level indicators can be equipped with numerous customizations, some of which can also be applied to other product families. We have already talked about the numerous connections to process available, the different types of paddles and the different extensions whose length, model or construction material can be adjusted. Let’s move on to illustrate which CAMLogic electrical functions can be implemented on request.

1. Voltage control

This option allows to remotely check the correct power supply of the level indicator. We are well aware that in a plant a cable might be accidentally cut or there may be voltage drops that interrupt the power supply to the indicator, compromising its operation. Adding this electrical option means that when the power failure is recognized, the instrument sends a signal to the PLC to notify the operators, who can then proceed to restore the power.

2. 8 pulses per rotation

The instrument sends to the PLC 8 pulses for every complete rotation of the shaft. If the rotation stops, the PLC will not receive any more pulses and it will then be possible to determine the problem, avoiding troublesome overload accidents in the silo or hopper.

3. Double contact

Thanks to an additional variation, it is possible to implement the control of some system automatisms, such as a lamp or a siren for further signaling, or another machinery whose operation must be coordinated with the entire process.

4. 4 RPM

The instrument is equipped with a gear motor that performs four full revolutions per minute, instead of one as per standard models. This allows for a reduction in the intervention times, since the paddle will meet the resistance of the material to be detected much more quickly.

Both the voltage control and the 8 pulses allow for an extra safety check, verifying that the instrument is operating optimally and thus avoiding overloads during the process, or lack of material that might cause interruptions.

It is extremely important for CAMLogic to provide high-quality and durable instruments, but it is equally important to offer the widest range of possible solutions that not only are suitable for different types of plants, but that also guarantee optimal operativity and a high degree of reliability. Contact us to know how to customize a model of the PFG05 line for your needs.

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