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Customizations for rotary level indicators


Details make perfection, and for industrial automation they are fundamental for perfect production efficiency. It is very important to consider and recognize the distinctive features of a plant during the development and installation of a correct control system. Every application has specific performance needs that CAMLogic satisfies by customizing its level indicators, especially for the rotary range.

The customizable features are four: paddles, connections to process, extensions and electrical options. Find out modifications we offer in the dedicated columns:

Material, density, blades, installation and rotation diameter are the aspects we evaluate in customizing the paddles in the rotary CAMLogic models.
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Connections to process
We offer customizable process connections with male thread, flange and tri-clamp to facilitate installation and future maintenance activities.
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The extensions ensure vertical or oblique installation of the level indicator in cases where mounting on the wall and parallel to the ground is not possible.
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Electrical options
The sensor electrical system can be implemented with four options specifically designed for the CAMLogic rotary range.
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