PFG57: the small level indicator that optimizes installation and processes


The choice of the most suitable level indicator for the control of the internal production process is neither simple nor obvious. In addition to considering the type of application based on the installation method and the product to be detected, the size of the machinery on which the installation takes place must be considered as well.

Therefore, for certain customers, CAMLogic deemed more advantageous a rotary level indicator, similar to the PFG05 for functionality and reliability, but with a much smaller footprint. Let’s explore together the specific characteristics of the PFG57 range.

The small sized level indicator

The PFG57 level indicator comes with a die-cast aluminum casing to ensure durability and sturdiness, and its small size facilitates installation in narrow spaces. Common examples of utilization are in batteries of silos very close to each other or on machinery with reduced footprints, such as bagging machines or loading cells.

Thanks to the small size, the PFG57 is available with many options of mechanical coupling to the process. Starting from the standard G 1” 1/2 to the smaller G 3/4, stainless steel flanges on request or tri-clamp connection to facilitate installation and removal on plants for handling and storage of food products.

The PFG57 range variants

As with other CAMLogic level indicators, the PFG57 too has a wire range of variants, depending on the material to be detected.

The rotary level indicator PFG57AT is the version for high temperatures up to 200°C. The insulating materials used in its construction allow it to be installed in asphalt production machinery, glass factories, foundries and all the processes in which the material in contact reaches high temperatures.

Then there is another version, the PFG57X, designed to have all the parts of the instrument in contact with the product made with stainless steel, a material that, in addition to being extremely hygienic, is more resistant to chemical corrosion and abrasion.

All the PFG57 versions are available with ATEX certification for dusts and with customizations, both mechanical and electrical. We should not overlook the fact that, even in small spaces, every process has its own peculiarities and the possibility to customize length, connections and type of paddle helps to solve issues related to the plant layout and the type of application.

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