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PFG09: the secrets of the ATEX gas and dust range


For CAMLogic, rotary level indicators are one of the strengths around which the core business revolves, as are the ATEX certifications to operate in explosive atmospheres. For such contexts, CAMLogic has many instruments with different ATEX markings, which in turn find application in different plants not only for their functionality, but for the treated material as well. In this column we focus on the range of ATEX PFG09 level indicators, available with two different markings not only for dust, but also for gas.

PFG09, the starting point

Previously, we have seen how to assess the risk of explosion taking into account the different types of combustibles present in a material handling and storage plant. When working with material in the form of a layer or cloud, the system and its components must be equipped with ATEX dust certification. If, on the other hand, you are in the presence of combustible gases or liquids and related gaseous emissions into the environment, the ATEX gas certification is necessary and sufficient to minimize the risk of explosions.

The PFG09 is a small rotary indicator with an ATEX certification for gas zone 1 and dust zone 20/21. The degree of gas protection achieved is high, this means that it can be used in areas in which, during normal operations, explosive atmospheres might be present. It can be customized with different accessories, such as flange or sleeve for an easier connection to process, various extensions and propellers to adapt it to the specific application.

PFG09Z, ATEX certifications for gas zone 0/1

The PFG09Z is a rotary level indicator that maintains the same ATEX certification for dust in zone 20/21. On the other hand, the ATEX gas certification changes to zone 0/1, therefore the level of protection is very high for the part of the instrument inside the silos and high for the external part. It is suitable for areas where explosive atmospheres might be continuously present or for long periods of time, and for this model as well different customizations are available.

PFG09ZATF, with temperatures up to 200°C

Finally, the PFG09ZATF maintains the ATEX certification for dust 20/21 and gas 0/1, but can be used in processes in the presence of steam and high temperatures up to a maximum of 200°C. It is an instrument with very specific characteristics, because the double flange allows the discharge of condensation that could possibly form. Lastly, the length of the part inside the silos can be customized.

CAMLogic always tries to provide simple solutions, customized, durable, of high quality that comply with standards and regulations in force. The choice to certify a product with very stringent requirements from a technical point of view is not casual, but dictated by the need to provide the client with a certified quality product. If the ATEX PFG09 family of rotary level indicators meets your needs, contact us for advice.

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