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CAMLogic level sensors

CAMLogic level sensors allow you to reliably control the material present inside hoppers, tanks or silos. The wide range is designed to detect diverse materials even in extreme conditions.

CAMLogic manufactures rotary, capacitive, pendulum sensors and RPM monitors for solid materials, liquids, powders and granulates. Each plant, in fact, requires specific solutions and therefore high quality level switches, able to operate even in high temperature environments or in contact with corrosive materials. CAMLogic level sensors are resistant to atmospheric conditions and can be customized.

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Material Type

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Connection: direct, with four holes
Optional: flange, bracket
Checks the rotation speed of any transmission shaft and signals when the speed fails to comply with the set value.

Connection: direct, with four holes
Optional: flange, bracket
Inductive version.

Connection: bracket
Version for belt or roller conveyors.