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SMD20P RPM monitor with inductive sensor

Device able to monitor the speed of rotation of any transmission shaft from 1 to 999 rpm. The sensor closes a contact when the speed fails to comply with the set value.



  • Inductive version. Direct connection not required.
  • High standard of safety in the presence of potentially explosive dusts/powders.
  • Easily installed Specific tools are not required for assembly.
  • Monitored rpm rate extremely simple to configure.
  • Can be customized with different process connections and display for visual control.
  • Also available for values between 10 and 2800 rpm.


Certificato UKCA

UK Conformity

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Connection: direct, with four holes
Optional: flange, bracket
Checks the rotation speed of any transmission shaft and signals when the speed fails to comply with the set value.

Connection: bracket
Version for belt or roller conveyors.

Spare parts


Aluminium bracket.
For connection with 2 ø8.5 holes on 70 mm pitch circle diameter.

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