Let's Begin to IECEx Certification Article Series


We’ve already mentioned that PFG05 and PFG57 CAMLogic rotary level sensors and MN21 pressure level sensor have obtained IECEx certification in our last article. Now we decided to make a dedicated series of contributions to continue to inform our community about the importance of this certification

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Let’s also briefly remember what IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission for Explosive Atmospheres) certification is for: it concerns all the electrical equipment intended for use in hazardous areas, due to the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres.

The international legislation regulates in detail such products. They have to be manufactured in such a way as to prevent sparks or excessive heat, not to trigger explosion during their use. The IECEx mark shows that products - such as CAMLogic’s PFG05, PFG57 and MN21 level sensors - are designed to minimize the risks in explosive atmospheres. The IECEx scheme is recognized in over 30 international markets, including: USA, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, China, South Korea, India, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile.

Furthermore, another objective of the IECEx certification is to facilitate the international trade of Ex equipment by guaranteeing the required safety levels and improving the international visibility of the product evaluation process.

The Certification Schemes Included in The IECEx System

Let’s see the certification schemes included in the IECEx system:

IECEx 02 - Scheme for The Certification of Equipment

The IECEx 02 scheme provides a tool for manufacturers and operators of equipment which is used in hazardous areas to deal with the risk of fire or explosion from flammable gas or dust.

The following video introduces the important aspects of the equipment certification scheme (IECEX 02): click here.

IECEx 03 - Scheme for The Certification of Plants

The safety of production facilities with hazardous areas strongly depends on the correct execution of all safety-relevant activities during the entire life cycle of these sites.

The IECEx 03 scheme offers assessment and certification of service providers for equipment repair, inspection and maintenance and other safety-related activities. Therefore, it helps the industry to select the right partners and it is an excellent tool for suppliers to display their expertise.

IECEx 04 - License to Use The IECEx Trademark

The 04 Scheme rules the commercial use of IECEx trademark. The IECEx logo should only be used as an IECEx conformity mark, once the trademark has been licensed in accordance with the requirements of the scheme.

IECEx 05 - Personnel Certification Scheme

The safety of manufacturing facilities with hazardous areas is highly dependent on the competence of all people involved in safety management, planning, installation, operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and many other activities.

Therefore, the IECEx 05 scheme offers the assessment and certification of the skills of people working in/or for hazardous areas.

Based on the modular proficiencies structure, it is possible to certify profiles that are perfectly suited to the actual obligations and tasks of candidates in their work.

Moreover, certificates of proficiency provide independent evidence of individual knowledge and skills to employers and employees, respectively in selecting the right people and helping the latter to get the suitable jobs for them.

If you are interested in CAMLogic level sensors with IECEx certification, you can check the configurator for PFG05 and configurator for PFG57 on our website.

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