CAMLogic obtains the IECEx certification


CAMLogic, in the continuous search for quality, has obtained the IECEx certification for its PFG05 and PFG57 rotary level indicators and for the new pressure level indicator MN21.

Yet another confirmation of the qualitative performance of our instruments, of their reliability and sturdiness, as well as the continued attention in maintaining a high standard both of products and service.

Let's see briefly what the IECEx certification is and what it provides.

Explosive atmospheres and dedicated equipment

When dealing with explosive atmospheres in a plant, it is necessary to choose equipment specifically designed to guarantee safety.

But what exactly is an explosive atmosphere?

If combustible substances such as flammable gasses, vapors or dusts are mixed with air in conditions such that combustion propagates when ignited, we are in the presence of a so-called explosive atmosphere.

All the electric equipment intended for use in such dangerous environments must therefore be manufactured as not to constitute ignition sources, in compliance with specific regulations, which in Europe are the ATEX directives.

Outside Europe there are many different certifications and the most widespread is undoubtedly the IECEx certification scheme.

IECEx certification, an international standard

The need for a single worldwide accepted testing procedure and certification has prompted the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to develop, starting in 1996, an Ex certification scheme for equipment intended for use in explosive atmospheres, called IECEx.

Over the years, the IECEx scheme has been recognized and accepted internationally by many countries, becoming a de-facto passport for direct or indirect access around the world.

While in some countries, like Australia, India, or Israel, the IECEx certification is accepted directly as an alternative to the respective national certifications, in many other countries it is nevertheless considered preferable to other regional or national certification schemes.

Furthermore, the IECEx certificates are publicly available on the website, or through the dedicated app for smartphones and tablets, allowing the final user to check them anytime.

Finally, as in the case of the ATEX certification, IECEx too involves inspections to verify the manufacturer’s production standard and requires periodic audits to confirm the continuous compliance, over time, with the standards prescribed by the regulations.


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