Case Study: PAL S.r.l.

PAL's choice: CAMLogic rotary level sensors for the wood industry


PAL S.r.l. is a leading company producing machines and industrial plants for wood processing. It has once again chosen CAMLogic rotary level sensors to improve the monitoring and management of its plants. Pal S.r.l. was founded in 1978 and has its headquarters in Ponte di Piave with a production branch in San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine). It offers innovative solutions for preparing and processing fresh and recycled wood to produce particle and insulation panels, MDF, pellets, OSB, and pallet cubes.

For many years, the company has been installing CAMLogic level sensors, and has always found the right balance between reliability, customization, and affordable prices to ensure that its customers have proper construction and full safety of their production plant.


PAL has chosen the PFG05 level sensor for its needs and has applied it in two different ways. First, at the top of the silo as an emergency maximum, configured with 750 mm or 1500 mm long extensions. Second, at the bottom, often in redundant pairs protected by a deflector, to detect the minimum level at which extraction is stopped. Furthermore, the decision to use two instruments as a minimum level ensures the detection of material even if one of the two were to break and consequently a greater safety in signaling the presence of the product inside the silo.


Thanks to the availability offered by CAMLogic, the same tools used in silos can be easily adapted to the rest of the plant to ensure proper functioning. PAL adopted CAMLogic rotary level indicators to monitor the material flow in other applications between the machines:

- Positioned laterally, in the opposite direction of the material descent, in hoppers installed at the input or output of machines to detect any blockages in the initial state and stop the process.

- Inside a specific machine where the front part acts as a scale and the rear as a mini accumulator. The accumulation is adjusted in height and then weighed. Rotary indicators are used as an emergency maximum to stop the load if the accumulation exceeds the level.


CAMLogic always offers the maximum customization of level sensors, depending on the specific needs, by its configurator on the website. PAL highly appreciates this because now it has a partner capable of offering flexible and customizable solutions. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the company has opted for a two-bladed paddle in stainless steel with a larger size and a special shape to detect lower density materials, while avoiding the formation of voids.

Read this article to learn more about the differences between paddles.

Thanks to the reliability and precision of CAMLogic rotative level indicators, the company has improved its plant management and increased production efficiency. The choice of an Italian manufacturer like CAMLogic also testifies to PAL's attention to the quality and precision of the solutions adopted in its production processes.


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