Training for students: in 5 months CAMLogic has participated in 3 projects


In-house training for students is an important time for the company as well. This is why we chose to participate in projects promoted by CNA Reggio Emilia and Ecipar which involve companies, high schools and universities. In 5 months, in 2021 CAMLogic already actively took part in 3 training projects.


CAMLogic accepted the invitation by Ecipar to activate an in-company training project for students, for over 800 hours, in the 3D and augmented reality field. In a time when, due to the pandemic, it is necessary to create new instruments and new opportunities of customer service and support, it is important to research new methods to improve the experience and perception of the product even at a distance.

The internship is intended as a double opportunity: on the one hand, for the intern, a period of training and putting into practice the technical contents developed and learned; on the other hand, for the company, the opportunity to intercept new elements within the technical offices of mechanical, engine and plant design.

CNA Education at Blaise Pascal High School Institute

CNA Education at Pascal is series of orientation meetings to bring boys and girls of the High School Institute closer to the scientific disciplines. Objective of the project, in which CAMLogic took part as well, is to bring consultants and businesses to school - this year through video lessons - to talk about skills, markets and active job search.

Last May 13th it was our turn. Marco Guazzetti, CEO of CAMLogic, explained the difference between soft and hard skills and presented the company to the students of the Pascal High School Institute. An opportunity to tell the younger generation about the results of fifty years of experience in the industrial automation sector.

Design & Future Challenges

Design & Future Challenges is a training program, promoted by CNA Reggio Emilia and the University of Bologna, part of the Industrial Product Design course. The workshop, consisting of 8 online meetings, ended in April 2021 included topics such as: communication and sales strategies, new development models and product and process trends.

During the webinar, the participants analyzed various companies, including CAMLogic. We have chosen, in fact, to get involved and see our company from a younger point of view. Therefore, at the end of the series of meetings, the undergraduates sent their considerations and operational advice about CAMLogic potential.

In-house training for students is an important aspect for our growth, too. Do you have a project to propose to CAMLogic? Contact us by email.

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