ATEX revamping: 5 articles to focus on topic


64% of the Italian plants are over 30 years old and only in 40% of cases have they been modernized. It's time to talk about revamping.

Revamping is the process of updating an industrial plant in order to extend its life cycle and increase the production competitiveness and the safety in the supply chain. From this premise stems CAMLogic’s desire to explore the theme of industrial revamping in support of companies with the help of engineer Fabrizio Bellini, Explosion Protection Senior Engineer.

We will talk about updating and securing environments and machines in explosive conditions. The focus will be structured in five articles.

1. What does ATEX revamping mean, and what are the pros and cons?
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2. How to evaluate the risk of explosion before carrying out the ATEX revamping?
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3. What to do with equipment and machinery manufactured before the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC?
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4. An example of revamping that saved a company € 57,000.
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5. Which CAMLogic products are best suited for an ATEX revamping process?
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