New paddle from CAMLogic is suitable for contact with food


Customization is one of the most important values of CAMLogic, offered to its community of users in the world of level sensors. As a customer you can configure each of our products "from head to toe". In the field of food measurement systems for example, you can personalize the level switch from process connection to the choice of paddles.

The wide selection of spare parts of CAMLogic helps to fit your specific needs in various sectors and different usages. When it comes to evaluate the most suitable paddle, you can start with the choice of materials such as polyamide or stainless steel. Moreover, you can continue with the number of blades, with the opportunity to choose from single to 4 bladed models.

Choosing the right paddle for your level switch is crucial for the installation process. CAMLogic has paddle options for heavy, medium-heavy, and light materials. If you need detailed information about 5 important factors to consider while choosing the right paddle, you can consult to this article.

As a novelty, we would like to introduce you our new paddle called AC19. This paddle is a single blade made in Lathiom, which is a plastic material, and it is suitable for contact with food and all types of materials, even very light products like ash. For more technical information such as dimensions, density, or diameters, you can click here.

Let’s check which models of CAMLogic level switches AC19 is suitable for. Our new paddle can be applied on rotary bladed level sensors for solid materials such as PFG05, PFG09 and PFG57 families

PFG05, PFG09 and PFG57 model groups have similarities in terms of operation; however, there are several small differences between them. For instance, PFG09 has high gas protection rating to be used in areas where explosive atmospheres may be present during normal operations; PFG57, on the other hand, is a small sized level sensor which facilitates installation in narrow spaces.

Therefore, depending on your customer needs, PFG05, PFG09 and PFG57 level sensors are available with the option of our new AC19 paddle. Please notice that all level sensors of CAMLogic offer durability and reliability.

If you are interested in visualizing the level sensor which you have in mind, you can look at the configurator on our website.

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