2020 was the turning point, a new beginning is coming


2020 was a year we will not forget. It heavily marked the way we work and how we relate to people, drastically changing the ordinary balance. What surrounds us has a great sense of negativity, the only way out is to live everyday by setting concrete and tangible objectives: that’s what we have done in CAMLogic.

After months of planning for 2020, in just 70 days everything was called into question and amid a thousand doubts and perplexities we made a decision: let’s manage the emergency and then head-on with our plan! 2021 will be for CAMLogic an unforgettable year, because it is the turning point, a new beginning.

What will accompany us in 2021

The cornerstone project is the development of a digital platform that will be the heart of our company and will simplify processes and manage the production. It will take the whole 2021 and possibly the beginning of 2022 to see the project completed, but it will be an irreplaceable tool for us and all our partners.

Contact with customers is increasingly important, which is why our recent social media channels (Linkedin and Facebook) will allow us to share the news we have in store for them.

The determination and enthusiasm of our technical department has allowed us to introduce new instruments for the measurement of liquids (CLC40 and CLR20), improve our existing instruments and expand the certification of our products. We obtained the MOCA certification and our products are officially guaranteed for contact with food.

All this has led us to meet and work with more than 300 new companies, quadruple the turnover of new products, sell in over 100 countries and replace just 62 products under warranty. Quality is an obsession in CAMLogic.

All of this is just the beginning! We plotted the route that will lead us to improve and widen the range of high quality products with almost 60 years of experience in the world of industrial automation.

Sitting on our hands and waiting for things to happen is not a part of CAMLogic. We prefer to be responsible for our destiny, knowing that commitment, engagement, determination and eagerness will allow us to achieve great goals.

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