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PFG09: characteristics and special configuration of explosion-proof indicator



As a part of CAMLogic's line of rotary level sensors, we have the PFG09.

PFG09 is an explosion-proof level sensor, suitable for operation in plants or environments where the development of flammable or explosive gaseous mixtures may occur due to chemical processing or particular materials. The PFG09 is designed in conformity with ATEX regulations, as well as complying with European (CE) and Great Britain (UKCA) market regulations.

We are, also, working on receiving UL (for the U.S. market) and CSA (for the North American market) certifications.

The level switch is thought for contact with solid materials and is available in two different versions in order to cover a wider range of needs.

We have the PFG09Z made entirely of stainless steel, suitable for contact with corrosive solids and food materials, and the PFG09ZATF designed for corrosives and high temperatures.


The PFG09 level indicator, like all CAMLogic level sensors, is customizable thanks to the wide choice of different paddles, extensions and voltages. In this regard there is a section on our website dedicated to this function, which is the configurator.

While discussing customizations we think it may be relevant to report an example of a particular configuration of this level switch.

Specifically, we got a request from a customer to make a PFG09 level sensor characterized by a machined stainless-steel flange with a 1 1/2-inch welded sleeve. The flange was designed based on the connection of the pre-existing sub-flange in the customer's silo.

As you have seen each product can be modified by creating custom parts designed for each client.

This is one of the most important strengths of our company, so what are you waiting for? Contact us to request a customized level sensor based on your specific needs.

Choosing the PFG09 as the point level switch for your plants is convenient for several reasons. It is an easy-to-install level sensor that requires no calibration, maintenance, or specific tools for its installation. It is extremely versatile; it can be mounted on tanks, hoppers, on the wall or on the roof of silos, in vertical, horizontal, or oblique positions.

It is a robust and reliable level switch characterized by aluminum housing. Its customization options also include 4RPM, which allows the increased rotation speed to reduce service time.

Most important, it is the ideal level indicator for operating in the presence of dust or explosive gases, guaranteeing a high standard of safety.

Click here to visit the PFG09 page and please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about it!

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