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Case Study: Safyem Eskisehir

SAFYEM ESKISEHIR: “CAMLogic provides us sustainability in our automation processes.”


As industrial suppliers, we know the importance of sustainability in a plant. CAMLogic provides this value to its customers thanks to the reliability and quality of its level sensors.

It is significant in this respect the case of our international customers from Turkey, Safyem Eskisehir. The firm works in the field of animal feed industry. It is one of the first established plants in their region and still continues in its activities since 1979.

Reliable products of CAMLogic without any problem for more than 20 years

When the plant was established, they used other level sensors. However, after having some problems with those products, they started to use CAMLogic ones. According to plant manager of Safyem Eskisehir, they have been using CAMLogic measurement instruments for more than 20 years without any problem or need for replacement.

The only need in these years was changing some paddles of the level switches. Thanks to our authorized reseller in Turkey, NAİMSAN MAK. ELK. LTD. ŞTİ, they have easily reached the product assistance, and have applied the solution quickly.

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Quality contributes to sustainability

As we mentioned before, a facility’s sustainability is one of the most crucial elements of an industry. According to the manager of Safyem Eskisehir:

“Quality of CAMLogic level sensors is one of our valuable advantages in our plant, because it provides us with continuing the production process non-stop. It is the proper solution for our automation processes and sustainability of facility.”

Specific Needs from Customers, Different Solutions by CAMLogic

A plant may need different solutions for various materials or conditions. For instance, Safyem Eskisehir was primarily using our standard model of PFG05 level sensor for solid materials. However, after a while, they needed another level sensor resistant to high temperatures and corrosive materials. Therefore, they found a solution from CAMLogic by using PFG05AT model. This model provides resistance to environments with high temperatures up to 200ºC and it can be in contact with corrosive materials without having any damage.

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