Case Study: Nuova Idropress

Design of safe and durable systems for EPS production, the example of Nuova Idropress


Nuova Idropress has been working for more than 50 years in the design of systems and machines for the production, processing and recovery of expanded polystyrene for construction. Founded in 1963, it has been one of the first industries for the production of EPS sheets, establishing itself worldwide from the very beginning.

Today, Nuova Idropress provides for some of the major international groups in the field of insulation for construction. The collaboration with foreign teams further pushes the company to improve their performance standards to guarantee systems that will last in time. Recovery and restoration of the machinery would prove too expensive and hardly sustainable. This is why Nuova Idropress produces durable and safe systems, relying on the experience of CAMLogic.

CAMLogic and Nuova Idropress

For over 10 years, in fact, CAMLogic has been offering its knowledge to find the most suitable solution for the design of the EPS systems by Nuova Idropress.

"CAMLogic is an historical partner for our company – explains the Purchasing Manager – The use of CAMLogic level indicators started many years ago. For us they represent safety and quality. They are 100% reliable, we never had issues and when you find a solution like that, you never change it. 99% of our business is in foreign markets, so we need to rely on safe products, because the malfunctioning of a part of a system could compromise its entire functionality and induce important losses."

The possibility of customizing the product is essential

When Nuova Idropress turned to CAMLogic for its system design, it was in search of a solution for measuring and controlling the level of expanded polystyrene inside silos and mills, reliable and customizable according to the final applications. It was therefore asked to propose a measuring system for solids:

  • specific for EPS;
  • customizable;
  • extremely reliable;
  • durable through the years.

CAMLogic was able to meet Nuova Idropress request with a customized level indicator based on the PFG57 model, a product guaranteed in terms of performance from the decade of collaboration and ad hoc customization.

The die-cast aluminum casing and the small size can guarantee the reliability of the product and allows its installation in places with size constraints.

The implementation of a faster rotation speed, brought to 4 RPM, allows for a quicker intervention compared to the standard, in processing and production of expanded polystyrene.

To further improve the measurement performance, the AC13 special vane was specifically designed, with a much larger resistance surface, which makes it suitable for materials with a very low density such as EPS.

Being able to install a M12 circular connector on the instrument, moreover, simplifies the installation and related wiring so that the supply of new instruments to supplement the existing ones or replace them, takes place quickly and easily for the customer.

The reliability, durability and simplicity of installation of the PFG-57 allowed Nuova Idropress to respond rapidly and effectively to its customer requests in the treatment and processing of EPS.

Nuova Idropress has consolidated its position as a market leader by continuing to offer high quality solutions also thanks to the collaboration with CAMLogic. The work in close contact between the two companies ensured the customer satisfaction, emphasized by the possibility to meet specific needs and by the construction of safe and durable systems.

A continuous exchange of proficiency and experiences through the years, which has brought forth the development of a specific solution for the design of systems that process a difficult material such as expanded polystyrene.

CAMLogic products used in the project:



Small-sized bladed level indicator with thread

Screw in NYLON with 2 paddles


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