Suction of wood waste: COIMA is safe thanks to CAMLogic


Coima was founded in 1982 in Fano (PU), in one of the most important districts for industrial processing and furniture production. It produces, in fact, plants for suction of waste, filtering and storage of residues obtained from wood processing; and in recent years it specialized in the design and installation of industrial painting systems as well. Its production is ATEX guaranteed also thanks to CAMLogic products, let's find out which ones.

COIMA, one of the international leaders for waste suction

“We specialize in wood, because 80% of the product we handle is wood waste. That is our core business, but we collaborate in the creation of plants for metal recovery, sandblasting, fiberglass processing” - CEO of Coima.

From small carpentry shops to large productions, processing wood waste requires an adequate control system, which is at the same time light and sturdy, safe and obviously reliable. It is essential that it is ATEX certified given the context in which it operates, and in the specific case of COIMA the level indicators must be easy to install and connect, because they are often mounted in removable and re-installable points.

The solution identified for COIMA

CAMLogic has been able to identify level indicators able to satisfy the requests, proposing the PFG05 24 VAC and PFG05 24 VDC sensors. After an initial analysis of the customer, in fact, it emerged that the high voltage would not have met the needs of the plants built by COIMA.

“We work at low voltage for safety - explains Paci - and furthermore the technical department favors this type of level indicator because over the years it has proved to be a guarantee.”

For CAMLogic it is extremely important to supply electric level indicators suitable to different types of plants, therefore it adapts its electric options. Discover the range of customizations:

Once more CAMLogic is at the customer's service, to define real needs and adapt one or more solutions to specific needs. Contact us if you need our support.

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