Case Study: CAMImpianti

Powder storage and handling plants: how to make them tailor-made for the customer


CAMImpianti was founded in 1992 by qualified professionals with over 30 years of experience in the production of industrial powder handling plants. It operates in diverse fields and sectors: from food, to plastic and chemicals, to construction. It also deals with plants for ecology and environment.

The design method of CAMImpianti is based on listening to the customer's needs. Over the years this allowed to find ever-new solutions that are attentive to the needs of those who use the plant daily, increasing the safety of the personnel operating the plant and reducing human intervention in managing the process. The solutions hence allow to improve performances and cut the production costs of the plant itself.

An example is the system for the preparation of the ABC “small chemicals” recipes for the rubber sector, an automated bagging system that allows to obtain a dust free process.

The measurement of industrial plants with extremely volatile and light powders

LThe need for an automated plant design, the highest safety of the staff and the reduction of dust emissions, also find an answer in the design by CAMLogic of ad hoc instruments for measurement. The CAMLogic team has, in fact, studied for CAMImpianti some specific customizations of its level indicators, adapting them to the use and characteristics of the designed plants.

One of the specific cases in which it was necessary to study an ad hoc measuring instrument was the design of a plant for the handling of kaolin. Kaolin, better known as “china clay” is utilized in the construction sector for the production of varnish, paint and bricks. In the paper industry, instead, it is used to make paper brighter and homogeneous and improve the print yield. During the production process, kaolin becomes extremely dusty and light and these characteristics make it difficult to detect.

CAMImpianti in collaboration with CAMLogic has therefore studied a suitable and customized solution for this specific case.

“We have worked with CAMLogic for at least twenty-five years and we implemented many of their models in our projects. Over the years we were able to appreciate the reliability, competitive price and ease of use and installation of the level indicators by CAMLogic. Furthermore, the possibility of customization for the level indicators, based on the needs and characteristics of the processed material in a specific plant, is also an important benefit for us. Why change something that works? Going to an already started production plant and making changes it’s a complex and expensive operation.“ CAMImpianti

CAMImpianti sought, in the CAMLogic range, instruments that weren’t only reliable and ATEX certified, but that could also answer to specific application needs and were suitable for detecting materials light and volatile such as kaolin.

CAMLogic, thanks to the experience developed in over 50 years of activity, has been able to propose the most suitable solutions for the needs of CAMImpianti.

We have chosen to begin with two rotary level indicator models, both ATEX certified:

  • PFG05F already equipped with a flange for an adaptable and fast connection to the process
  • PFG05XF also comes equipped with a flange, but with all parts in contact with the product in stainless steel. Suitable for contact with corrosive materials.

The decision to rely on these rotary models is due not only to their durability and reliability, but also due to the fact that, in environments with very fine and volatile dust, measurement with contact instruments that require no calibration is decidedly less complex.

For both level indicators some customizations were defined, such as type and length of the extension, not only in consideration of the silo dimensions, but of the install position for the instrument as well.

Even the paddles used, all interchangeable on different rotary models, were chosen to guarantee the highest reliability in the detection of the processed material.

In the specific case of the kaolin handling plant, the paddle chosen was the AC11 which, beside being in stainless steel, thanks to its greater friction surface, guarantees a higher intervention sensitivity to the presence of the material.

Companies such as CAMImpianti, attentive to the customers’ needs and effective in finding valid ad-hoc solutions to solve challenges and daily issues in a sector as complex as industrial plant engineering, need reliable partners such as CAMLogic, with whom they can confront dynamically and proactively. Finding the most suitable solution is possible thanks to the collaboration and skills acquired in many years of experience in the industrial plant engineering sector.

CAMLogic products used in the project:



Bladed level indicator with flange



Bladed level indicator in stainless steel with flange


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