June is the right month to plan the maintenance of the plant


June is known to be the period of the year in which most begin to plan the maintenance of the industrial plant, taking advantage of the downtime or reduction of the pace of work during the summer months. Organizing in advance the upgrades and replacements essential for the proper functioning of the production process is very common and allows for the optimization of execution and procurement times, without resorting to last minute interventions that are likely to be inaccurate.

As already mentioned in the previous column about maintenance, it’s not just a preservative work to extend the life of the machinery, but also an opportunity to improve efficiency, productivity and reliability of the entire process.

Maintenance means prevention, right away

The introduction of regulations such as ISO 55000-1-2, constantly evolving, defined the guidelines for the systematic and structured implementation and application of Asset Management systems. From the analysis of the life cycle of a machine, in fact, useful information is obtained for planning interventions from the very beginning, considering such data in the first design phase of a new plant.

Maintenance technicians must therefore not only plan interventions to prevent wear and tear issues, but moreover offer assistance to those who have to integrate, revamp or redesign an existing plant with new instruments and machinery.

Right from the start, the choice of quality systems facilitates the organization of the plant maintenance. An instrument or a machine capable of guaranteeing high levels of reliability, in fact, is preferable to others that are sold at a lower cost in the short term, but that could increase in the long run.

Finally, for the same type of application it is safer to standardize one’s choice on a device known and appreciated for its durability. In such a case it would be easier to procure spare parts, accessories or new versions interchangeable with the obsolete one without having to disrupt an efficient and well under way process. In this regard, CAMLogic measurement instruments have guaranteed reliability and quality for over fifty years. A very large line of level indicators is offered, categorized according to the principle of operation, in fact we have: rotary level sensors, capacitive level switches, float level sensors, conductive level indicators, pendulum level indicators and pressure level sensors. Then there is a line of products dedicated to the control of the rotational speed of any rotating shaft, we are talking about RPM monitors.

Plant revamping or maintenance?

As seen in the revamping case of a mixer, it is often sufficient to update or adapt only parts of the machinery to achieve immediate improvements and savings, without having to give up the efficiency of new technologies.

For over 50 years CAMLogic has directly designed and produced its instruments of process control. By testing 100% of its products, it is sure to provide high quality, durable, efficient and reliable equipment to its customers. Contact us if you are looking for a new level indicator to start your plant maintenance.

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