CaReDi feed mills: customized plants also thanks to CAMLogic adaptations


CaReDi designs and builds complete turn-key plants tailored for the customer. Born in 1972 in Sant’Elena di Silea (Treviso), over the years it specialized in machinery for the production of feed, pet food and pellet. Today, CaReDi consists of a thirty-person team, and is managed by the children and grand-children of the three founding brothers.

With nearly fifty years of experience, CaReDi has become synonymous with reliability, durability, precision and prestige in the world of feeds. To meet high standards of safety and control in automation, it relies on CAMLogic level indicators, find out which models in the article.

FCM and ATEX, the fundamentals for the feed industry

The food industry is much more than mixing raw materials: design, develop and build machinery for the feed industry requires certain certifications that ensure the quality of the manufacturing process and the finished product. Quality is the first requirement, but it is also essential to guarantee the safety of the plants with ATEX-marked instruments.

The feeds sector is among the main industries that make use of equipment intended for use in areas at risk of explosion; an aspect that CaReDi was able to satisfy with the CAMLogic offer, as confirmed by Michele Pizzolato, CEO of CaReDi:

“At CaReDi we develop the machinery for processing and transporting food material entirely within the Treviso plant with qualified personnel and the use of high quality materials. We have chosen CAMLogic because it is renowned for level indicators. The efficiency and effectiveness demonstrated every day confirm every day what we expected since the beginning with this partner.”

CaReDi was looking for a solution for the production of complete customized plants, adaptable to multiple processes. This and the ATEX certification were not the only reasons that led the company from Treviso to choose CAMLogic. About 30-40% of CaReDi production, in fact, is exported abroad, which is why there is the need to install a level indicator that is resistant to production rhythms, materials and time and which requires the least possible maintenance.

The solution identified for CaReDi

In the case of CaReDi, the need is to build plants that are:

  • ATEX certified;
  • adaptable;
  • durable over the years.

CAMLogic found a solution for CaReDi needs in the PFG05 line, rotary level sensors whose operation is based on the continuous rotation of the paddle which, encountering the resistance of the material, stops causing the actuation of a micro switch and therefore signaling the presence of the material itself.

The two main models installed inside hoppers and silos are:

However, from time to time 1 meter long extensions without protection are also used, to be added directly to the instrument during installation, so that they can be easily adapted to the length actually needed.

Evaluating the most suitable configuration of paddles and extensions is one of the main aspects of the analysis work that CAMLogic offers to the client. The option of extending the instrument responds not only to parameters such as space and material, but to the filling and emptying of the container or the presence of mechanical moving parts as well. There are 4 variants of CAMLogic extensions, discover them in the dedicated column.

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