Condensation filter: simple and crucial in humid conditions


The plants for the storage and handling of solid and liquid materials are located everywhere and it is now established that atmospheric conditions have an influence on the composition and behavior of the processed substances and consequently on the functionality of the plants and of the installed equipment. Under specific conditions, condensation may form inside the housing of a level indicator, with the risk of short circuits that compromise its operation.

Protection of plants from atmospheric conditions

Saltiness, rain, sun and humidity can damage the components. In certain situations it is possible to increase the chemical-physical resistance of the instruments by using materials such as stainless steel in their making or building the plants themselves in structures that protect them from the elements.

Where environmental conditions are not so extreme, but the humidity, the temperature difference between day and night or the the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the process are considerable, a not so easily solvable problem could arise: the formation of condensation that might damage the electrical parts.

Condensation filter to regulate humidity

In this regard CAMLogic, for the rotary indicators of the PFG05 line, has devised a simple and reliable solution that does not affect either the functionality or the tightness of the instruments: the condensation filter.

On request it is then possible to integrate the filter in the housing of the sensor in order to ensure an external vent that helps prevent the formation of condensation inside the casing. Adding the condensation filter allows to balance internal temperature and pressure, without letting rainwater pass, thus preventing the formation of condensation.

The condensation filter is an effective and efficient solution, born from the collaboration between CAMLogic and designers, installers and plant makers who have expressed this specific need.

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