Plant safety and maintenance: CAMLogic has the right solution for you



Plant maintenance is a very important activity that is implemented with the purpose of guaranteeing the good condition of equipment. This allows to maintain high efficiency and prevent failures by checking for malfunctions.

Typically, through maintenance the condition of the equipment is rated and then improvement actions are implemented; however, the main goal of this activity remains to increase the safety level of the plant.

The issue of safety is one of the main topics that involves level sensors. In fact, our products have the function of reporting the level reached by the materials inside the silos to prevent unwanted spills. Any uncontrolled fillings would represent a major problem in terms of the safety of the whole plant.

CAMLogic designs and produces six different types of level indicators, divided on the base of the principle of operation. We have rotary level indicators, which use the rotation of a propeller that gets stuck by encountering solid materials. Float level indicators, electromechanical instruments that measure the level of liquid through a float and a microswitch on the signalling circuit. Capacitive level sensors, which detect the level of solid material through a proximity probe. Conductive level switches, which detect the level of a conductive liquid through an electrode. Pendulum level sensors, which are actuated by the push of material, which activates a microswitch. Last, pressure level sensors, which detect the level of solid material through a membrane and a microswitch.

There is, another measurement instruments which CAMLogic produces called RPM monitors. They function to control the speed of any rotating shaft.

The reliability and the quality that have characterized by CAMLogic measurement instruments for more than 50 years represent a key value. Moreover, they make it possible not only to put the system in safety, but also to reduce the workload of maintenance.

We are in summer period which is an ideal time for maintenance services of your plant. Take the opportunity to choose Camlogic measurement instruments to have reliable solutions made for you!




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