Renew and improve the efficiency of your plants with CAMLogic measurement instruments


With the summer season, plant maintenance becomes a priority. Take the opportunity to improve plant performance and reliability by choosing Camlogic measurement instruments. Maintenance is not only a protective intervention to extend the life of a machine, but it is also an opportunity to improve the efficiency of the entire process and to adapt the system to new regulations.

It is also important to innovate and optimize processes by implementing new technologies and challenging outdated standards. An example of this type of maintenance, which promotes improvement without totally changing the way of working as well as reducing costs, is the upgrading of process instrumentation.

Moreover, for the same type of application, it is preferable to standardize on a device that is known and appreciated for its durability. CAMLogic measurement instruments have guaranteed quality and reliability for more than fifty years and do not require periodic maintenance. In this situation, it becomes much easier to source spare parts, accessories or new versions that are easily replaceable with older ones.

CAMLogic designs and produces six different types of level indicators, divided on the base of the principle of operation. We have rotary level sensors, which use the rotation of a propeller that gets stuck by encountering solid materials. Float level indicators, electromechanical instruments that measure the level of liquid through a float and a microswitch on the signalling circuit. Capacitive level sensors, which detect the level of solid material through a proximity probe. Conductive level switches, which detect the level of a conductive liquid through an electrode. Pendulum level indicators, which are actuated by the push of material, which activates a microswitch. Last, pressure level sensors, which detect the level of solid material through a membrane and a microswitch.

There is, another measurement instrument which CAMLogic produces called RPM monitors. They function to control the speed of any rotating shaft.

Talking about maintenance, we cannot exclude the topic of revamping, which includes operations of different types: extraordinary maintenance, functional implementations and control (retrofit) of machines.

In revamping, as in the case of a modern plant, the first step remains the classification of risk zones to assess the explosion hazard. The defined floor plan is then overlaid on the plant layout to associate each machine with one or more zones. When the revamping is complete, the machine must be fitted to current standards, likely also modernized by installing new control and automation devices. CAMLogic has ATEX certification suitable even in cases of industrial revamping. Many of our measurement instruments have been ATEX certified since 2004. The Quality System is qualified according to Annex IV of the Directive, which provides for annual verification of the requirements necessary to ensure the optimal maintenance of the quality level of management and production processes.

At last, by testing 100% of our own products, we can guarantee a supply of high-quality, durable, efficient and reliable instrumentation to our customers. Thus, allowing not only to secure the plant and prevent changes, but also to reduce the amount of workload for maintenance.

If you are looking for a new level switch to begin your plant maintenance or for any other needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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