A window to the future: the experience of CAMLogic interns


Curricular internships are essential experiences for the career of students because they allow them to enter the working life and observe professional roles.

For this reason, we were very interested in embarking on the new path in CAMLogic as interns.

The company has been designing level sensors for process control in industrial plants since 1964. CAMLogic collaborates with local high schools and universities, stipulating internship agreements ranging from the technical, engineering, and mechatronic fields to marketing and communication, with a vision for corporate transformation.

All this is going in the light of a vital awareness: "the resource that young people represent".

According to the company Ceo Marco Guazzetti, the path that CAMLogic is taking is a double opportunity for both sides:

“For an intern in a small company like ours, there is the possibility of seeing all the aspects involving the various processes both in technical and marketing terms.On the other hand, the presence of interns with new ideas and different perspectives to discuss and improve represents an added value for the company”.

We, trainees, had arrived in CAMLogic, and found ourselves in a company that is “already deeply established in the territory, recognized for many years nationally, and at the same time is integrated into a larger market with innovative means.”

The employees explained to us how a clear project has been implemented in the last period to intersect innovation and tradition to create a professional and avant-garde vision.

A striking example of the direction the company is taking is the case of Mehmet, a student of International Politics and Economics at the University of Bologna. Mehmet began his career in CAMLogic with a curricular internship and then continued as an employee hired by the company.

He explained to us how before there was no digital marketing plan and how he took the opportunity to create a dedicated business project during his internship. This project has brought very positive results, thus giving way to a fundamental digital transformation of the company.

Let us now go into detail, observing the personal experiences of each of us.

Gabriele, born in 1999, a Marketing and Business Communication student at Unimore highlights how these months spent in CAMLogic have helped to direct his choice towards a future job in web marketing and communication. Here, he created posts, articles and videos for the company's promotion and participated in courses to learn different and functional competencies for his future, such as the Adobe suite.

Filippo, an engineering student for Intelligent Industry, is keen to underline how these months at the company have provided him with time management skills and allowed him to get to know the world behind small businesses. Thus, being able to introject a global vision of the production process, actively participating in the various phases of conception, creation and implementation of our level switches.

If we reflect on what we preferred about this experience, we realize that our answers fall on a common theme that covers the different jobs, namely freedom, in terms of trust and respect.

For Isabella, a student of the psychosocial sciences of communication at the University of Milano-Bicocca, the meetings represented a moment in which "one could participate actively, passing from the brainstorming phase to the synthesis of concepts looking for compromises and original solutions, with a care for listening and understanding everyone's ideas”.

In Filippo's idea, we're instead talking about freedom in terms of flexibility in carrying out one's duties, allowing the subject to "fully express his or her potential and ideas, naturally following the reference project."

Even Simone, a student of Silvio D'Arzo high school, talks about how he was able to get involved, discovering new skills "driven by a warm and positive environment". In a word, this experience for us was "educational", "enlightening", "knowledgeable", "unexpected" and at the same time "reassuring".

When reflecting on a development project that the company has been undertaking for some years now, we can observe how it is characterized by a fresh and young vision within a strong culture that allows us free to express ourselves without judgment by living a challenging and educational experience.

In our opinion, this represents a strength usually small companies do not have. Therefore, this allows CAMLogic to have an added value compared to similar realities.

To conclude, let’s finish with an important question. Why should other students choose to do their internship in the CAMLogic company?

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