Corporate digitalization and turnover growth: CAMLogic makes +33%


Corporate digitalization, certifications and other results for 2022 CAMLogic, Marco Guazzetti - CAMLogic CEO - tells us what 2021 was like and what we have planned for the year that has just begun.

We are in a situation where consolidated certainties are challenged daily by a pandemic that has upset our lives and our way of working. In such a situation, companies still have to find new solutions and reevaluate organization and production to face a challenge no one was prepared for.

In 2021 we registered a + 33%

At CAMLogic, after an initial adjustment period, we decided to move forward and implement the changes we had already planned before the pandemic. We had doubts and perplexities, but since mid-2020 we have accelerated the transformation and 2021 was something unexpected:

the growth in turnover, expected to be around 20% and in line with the trend before the pandemic, instead recorded an increase of 33% compared to 2020.

An increase that we owe to a better commercial activity, working more closely with CAMLogic certified resellers; and to our new website that combines customer, technical department and production in a single process.

This is a corporate digitalization project that will revolutionize CAMLogic in the coming years, and having provided our customers with a simple tool to configure the product and track the status of orders, in just over a year, is a source of pride.

We have taken important steps towards additional certifications. Since 2004 it was decided to introduce ATEX and in the course of 2021 we completed the EAC for the Russian market, the MOCA certification for contact with food products and finally the IECEx which will allow us to face new markets and undertake new paths of certification.

How do we imagine 2022 for CAMLogic?

2022 will be a natural consequence of what has already been decided, continuing a double-digit growth path. We will continue the corporate digitalization process; we will introduce new certifications, particularly for North America and we will implement further innovative improvements to our products.

If setting such goals was already complicated before this historical moment, today it is even more so. At CAMLogic, however, we believe we have the right skills and people to face this challenge, which will be even more intense and stimulating.

“The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today.” (Seneca)

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