How to use CAMLogic's online configurator: A complete guide


CAMLogic Configurator represents a breakthrough for product customization in the field of level switches. This interactive tool is designed to give our customers the freedom to configure each and every element of our level sensors. CAMLogic manufactures rotary, capacitive, pressure, pendulum, conductive, floating level sensors. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a novice with technical specifications, our video guide will make the configuration process simple and smooth.


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What you will find in the video?

This video tutorial step-by-step will show you how to efficiently use our configurator. You will be able to find out how to personalize the specifications of our products according to your application needs, from connections to terminal type and any optional extras.

Why will this video be useful to you?

  • Learn how to quickly configure the products you need.
  • Experience the different possible configurations of all our products, adding and changing all our optional extras to make your level sensor unique.

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