<p><p><strong>Connection:</strong> G 1" 1/2 (BSPP)<br /><strong>Optional: </strong>other threads, flange<br />Specific version for plaster.</p></p>

PFG57 for Plaster

material_prefix_label solidi

Product line: Rotary Bladed
Materials: Solids

Rotary blade level indicator used for detecting a level threshold, generally full or empty, in a silo or bin. Sturdily built thanks to its aluminum casing and small in size, it is ideal for installation in small tanks or load cell.



  • Version designed for use in mixers, tanks and silos containing plaster.
  • Easy to install:specific tools or settings are not required.
  • Probe can be adapted to the material monitored thanks to the wide range of paddles available.
  • Extremely reliable, the instrument can be used in addition to radar, capacitive, ultrasound or continuous level probes as a safe signal.

Technical Specifications

  • Casing and cover in die-cast aluminum
  • Shaft in AISI 303 / EN 1.4305 stainless steel on life-lubricated sealed bearings, with dust-tight retaining ring in NBR
  • AC9 paddles in polyamide
  • 1” 1/2 Gas (BSPP) process connection
  • 62 mm hex nut for fastening with 46.04x3.53 mm O-Ring
  • Rotation speed 1 turn / minute
  • Ambient temperature -20° to +70°C (-4° ... +158°F)
  • Process temperature -20° to +70°C (-4° ... +158°F)
  • process pressure 0.8 to 1.1 bar (11.6 to 15.9 psi)
  • Power consumption max 4 W
  • Contact capacity 5A at 250V (AC)
  • Micro switch SPDT output signal

Electrical Specifications

The level indicators are powered by 42V – 50 ... 60Hz (AC).
They come with a 3-pole standard connector, but can be supplied with a 4-pole connector on request.
The indicators are also available in the timed version allowing a 3- to 10-second signal output delay to be set.

Related products

Connection: G 1" 1/2 (BSPP)
Optional: other threads, flange
Thanks to its small size, this instrument is particularly suitable for small tanks or dosing cells.

Connection: G 2" 1/2 (BSPP)
Optional: flange
Version for corrosive products and temperatures up to 200°C. The parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel.

Connection: G 2" 1/2 (BSPP)
Optional: other threads, flange or tri-clamp
Version for corrosive and food products with stainless steel parts in contact with the product.

Spare parts

Complete circuit and gear motor assembled for PFG57 and PFG09

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Spare gear motor for PFG57 and PFG09.

  • Complete with plastic cap.
  • Without return spring.

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